Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fantasy Life Nintendo 3DS

Well I've just started playing the incredible and totally addictive Fantasy Life on the Nintendo 3DS.

After spending ages creating a character (there are plenty of options and I was tempted to be a bearded lady for a while) you fall out of bed in the town of Castele to begin your adventure.

You go to the guild to pick a life.  The lives you can choose all have special skills and interests and include:


You can change life during the game (when your not in story mode).  At first I was going to be the best Woodcutter in all of the land...

...but found as I progressed I wanted better tools and didn't want to spend my hard earned Dosh (yes the money is called Dosh in game) buying them.

So with a bit of switching I became a miner, gathered copper, then became a blacksmith to craft a nice axe.  Now I'm working on my Carpenter skills so I can get wood planks more efficiently.

Once you have mastered one skill you can use it in your other lives.

The game has lovely graphics/art, cute music you find yourself humming the next day at work and a good sense of humour.  I even noticed a reference to the magical number of 42 during training!

I currently live above Pam's Estate Agents.  I like Pam she is a nice lady who gives you sweets and looks after you like your favourite Auntie.

At the Post Office there is a counter in which you can say a password to get cool stuff.
I will keep this blog updated with any passwords I find.
The game seems to have mixed review online, it is perhaps a little slow but life can be slow, it takes time to masters skills in a new job, get Dosh, buy a better house.  I personally love the pace and find it relaxing.  It certainly entertains me while my other half shoots things in the recent Borderlands release!
Here is a link to Nintendo's official Fantasy Life page:
Anyway as Pam says "Sleep well, my dear" and have a great Fantasy Life!


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