Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fantasy Life Nintendo 3DS Passwords

These are the EU Game passwords I've found so far.  I will add more as I find them.  They are case and character/symbol sensitive.

Got to the post office and talk to the clerk on the right hand side counter
  • Seasick sailors - gives you a natty sailor's outfit to wear
  • At your service - butler's outfit
  • Jack-o'-Lantern - pumpkin outfit
  • Trick or treat? - vampire bed, spooky wall, pumpkin lamp & scarecrow, Lunares decoration
  • Angelic chorus - angelic halo,tunic, pantaloons, bangles, shoes & wings
  • Reveria - honey pudding yum yum
  • Abracadabra - neat mystery outfit

  • Toil and trouble - witch's hat
  • Dragon tamer - dragon whelp suit

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