Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lego Modular Buildings: ObiVille

In the last 12 months I started collecting the Lego Modular Building Series and began to build my own Lego town (ObiVille).

The first building I bought was set 10232 Palace Cinema.  I bought this in the Lego store at Manchester Trafford Centre when we were there for Replay Expo 2012. 

I have been coveting the 'Pet Store' set for a while but when I saw Palace Cinema, it's complexity and detail, I thought it was a better set to start with. 

My next set is10218 Pet Shop (from Smyths Toyshop Exeter), which is two halves, a beautiful blue 'store' part and a red 'apartment'. 

I have split them around the Town Hall as it makes the town balance better.

Blue Pet Store

Red Pet Store Apartment

Next to arrive was 10224 Town Hall from The Black Friday sale on the John Lewis website.  This is apparently the largest  Modular Buildings.  It went up really fast as most of the bricks are 'building' rather than 'interior décor and detail'.  I love the bride and groom minifigures.

And my final arrival (so far) is 10243 Parisian Restaurant.  I bought this from on its release date (1st January 2014). 

It is my favourite so far with really intricate external detail and lots of interior décor.  The minifigures (like the waiter and chef) are really cute.  Plus I love the murky green and deep petrol like blue bricks.

My Complete Lego Town

If you notice the turquoise 2x2 bricks upside down in random places in my Lego room they are 'Monster Deterrents' they contain a few drops of Olbas Oil, to prevent Obi from destroying/chewing the town.  He hates the smell and wont go anywhere near them!

Obi considers what to chew next!

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  1. I really like these sets and wish I had the space for them. This one was my favourite:

    I was tempted to buy the mini city set that they made (at least that would fit on a shelf) but I waited too long and it is sold out now.