Friday, 6 September 2013

Trollbeads Purple Heaven

Fall 2013 also sees the 'Purple Heaven Kit'.

This includes two more Aurora beads to compliment the Aurora bangle.

Aurora, Aurora flower, Aurora Stripes, Moonlit Bubbles

My favourite bead in the kit is 'Purple Rippling Bubbles'.  Photographs just don't do this bead justice it has amazing depth and colour.

Purple rippling Bubbles and Pastel Dot

There is Ivory Violets which has six pretty flowers and matches well with my antique flower (which is the new variant).

with Ivory Violets

Moonlight bubbles is subtle.  In certain light's it looks like it is sprinkled with gold dust, in other lights it has a blue fluorescence.

Moonlight Bubbles

My Amber Violets has a variation in the flowers within.  This is similar to me 'Seed Bead' that has both violet and blue hues and compliments Azure Bubbles (of which I have violet and blue versions).

Amber Violets - purple side

Amber Violets - blue side

This is such a pretty kit and so versatile.  It matches with so many beads I already own - I'm definitely a blue & purple happy Troll girl!

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