Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Naughty Baby Troll

Baby Troll just wasn't working on a bracelet - he just kept turning round and mooning me!  He's now trapped by his ears between Aurora and Blue Bubbles and can't escape.  He's such a naughty little flasher.

Naughty Troll
'Pink Gold' arrived today and completes my Chakra bracelet.  It's has a lovely unbroken stripe of gold with a perfect bubble and the pink has a lovely lavender tinge to it. 
On Troll Bangle: Silver stopper, Aurora, Baby Troll, Blue Bubbles Silver Stopper
On Chakra Bracelet:  Mexico lock, Crown Chakra, Frames, Pink gold, Small planet, Third eye, Endless, Throat Chakra, Sparking star, Heart chakra, Chicken, Belly chakra, Stay positive, Belly chakra, Snow, Root chakra, Lucky knot, Black gold, Tower, Chakra colours, Heartbeat

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