Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Trollbeads Aurora Bangle & Other Nice Things

This month has been a very nice month for very nice things.

Aurora Bead
Firstly 'the other half' bought me a Kindle Paperwhite as a surprise.  It's lovely...I can clean my teeth in the semi darkness of the bathroom and be able to keep reading, or read in bed without the light on whilst he snores! So maybe he had an ulterior motive...undisturbed sleep!

The the final part of the Sanctus series, by Simon Toyne, came out ...which gave me something amazing to read on my new Kindle.  It's a brilliant story the sort you can't put down whilst you are cleaning your teeth in the dark!

And a new Trollbead is out on Friday and as I'm my Trollbeads store's best customer I managed to get it early.  It's very unfair of Fabletrading (the people who make Trollbeads, not my store) in that it is limited edition, and comes with a bangle!  But it was just too pretty to not buy and I had the pick of two, so managed to get the one with more purple than orange colouration.

I've been working hard (we just finished our year end at work so been really busy trying to reach targets) and just sorted through all my paperwork to submit my accounts.  So it's been nice to play with my camera and get some Trollbead photos.

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