Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chakra Trollbeads

Chakra Bracelet

I started to think about collecting the 7 Chakra Trollbeads last year after I acquired Chakra Colours (a beautiful mix of them all). So my task in the new year was to complete my Chakra collection. This was helped by Christmas and birthday gifts.

Not only are Trollbead's Chakra beads pretty and vibrant they open up a curiosity to explore what Chakra's are all about. Chakra's come from the Hindu belief that we contain energy centres, a vital part of our life force. The Chakra name derives from the Sanskrit meaning wheel or turning, totally suited to a glass charm bead. To compliment this Trollbeads placed a streak of gold through the bead, like the flow of a strong energy force.

Black Gold and Chicken Little

Part of my OCD personality means that they already had to sit 'in order' from root to crown. I added 'black gold' and 'chakra colours' to finish the bracelet off. The hard part was finding silver beads to fit between them.

12 sided Sparkling Star
Double Heart
Stay Positive (cross)

Cross My Heart and Heart Chakra (green)

Trollbeads retire certain beads every year so I wanted to get this 'Silver with garnet' before it was no longer available.  Born in January this is my birth stone. Having just read book 4 of the of George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire epic it's my very own fire stone to worship R'hller, the red god.

Silver with Garnets
Chakra Colours
Mexico Lock

Silver bead with Garnets - Fire burns within


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  1. Have just bought Silver Bead with Garnets and rediscovered your blog via a google image search... great bracelet!