Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It's Minecraft Lego

My latest toy arrived today from  Lego (all the way form the Netherlands according to the postal tracking).  A combination of two favourite games...the modern PC game; Minecraft & a classic childhood toy; Lego. 

When this first came out about 3 months ago it was only available from Jinx in America which made the price prohibitive (after VAT and import duties) but I spotted it on the Lego UK site last week. 

Three days later and look what I arrived..

Minecraft Lego

Here's what's in the box..

Bags of Bits...Lego bits

About two hours later, and one unhappy Obi cat (cats and Lego don't mix well and 'Mr I Want to Bat it on the Floor Face' was banished from the desk during construction), the finished result

Watch out Steve there's a Creeper behind you...sssszzzz boom

Little Lego Trees
Caves to Explore, Creepers to Creep
I really love this product (but then I love all Lego).  Once built it nicely fits back in the box with a few bits spare to play with so you can make the 'biomes' more sandy or grassy.  Hidden in the caves is coal and gold Lego blocks, lava and water.  The four biomes can be slotted together in different ways and the top parts can swap around for different effects.  There is also a Lego Gadget to take it all apart again to save your fingernails!
I could just hug you and squish you Mr Creeper your so cute...szzzz...boom!

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