Saturday, 1 September 2012

Autumn Trollbeads 2012

I've bought two Trollbeads that caught my eye from the new 2012 autumn release:  Blue Moonstone and Wave of Dreams.

A Trollbead I already have in my collection is Labradorite.  Labradorite is a mineral of the feldspar (moonstones) group.   Discovered in Labrador (Canada), Eskimos thought it was made from rocks fallen from the Northern Lights and contained dust from the stars.  I feel my two 'moonstones' with their flashes of iridescence compliment each other perfectly. 

Wave of Dreams has a beautiful cobalt blue background with a flowing wave of mid blue to sky blue complimenting the background colouring of the Blue Moonstone bead.

It sits nicely alongside my Throat Chakra (to the right) and Blooming Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) from the World Tour collection.

The Dark Side
The Light Side

On the same bracelet I have my favourite silver: Troll Coin, released for the 35th anniversary of Trollbeads.  I just love the smiley faces of the logo lions and 1976 is a particularly good vintage of Troll Collector (Trollodite).  Like silver snow this is a bead that gets better with age as the background tarnish brings out the relief detail when polished.

Troll Coin '1976 The Original'

Tarnished Silver Snow next to Black Flower Mosaic

I love the beads with glitter like Black Mosaic Flower and Pink Desert and Skyline

Silver Snow, Skyline, Pink Desert, Double Heart

I've also being playing around with my Fairy Necklace, using Frames as a splitter bead.  This way the sides of the necklace are doubled up so it sits higher and a lock is used. A bead I didn't like at first is Deep Bubbles (I now own three).  I thought from Trollbeads pictures it was mostly an ugly yellow/brown but the ones I have found are slate grey-blue with a slight dirty tarnish (reminding me of toasted marshmallows) and pink depths.

Fairy Necklace with Frames splitter

Petanque, Drifting Seeds, Frames, Azure Bubbles, Bee on Hive, Cactus, Deep Bubbles

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