Saturday, 11 August 2012

Trollbeads in Purple & Turquoise

I'm a huge fan of Trollbeads and love taking and sharing photos of my collection.  I think they are totally addictive and to date I have spent as much as 10 pairs of last seasons Manolo Blahnik's.  So that's a fair bit, whoops!

I made a storage box to keep then all in adapting a wooden wine box with cushioning and metal rods to hold the beads.  Obi loves to stick his nose in and try to steal a shiny precious!

I have enough to play around with colour combinations and make up to four bracelets.  So here's today's creations.  Today I will mostly be wearing Purtoise, or is that Turple?

My most recent Trollbeads are Mardi Gras (brown and yellow with turquoise dots, a bead that is so ugly it's cute) Turquoise Armadillo and Chakra Colours. 

I've managed to pick up some of the older retired beads.  Some like Tupilak and Tupilak Mouth don't seem popular but I think they have huge amounts of character but maybe I just like their teeth!

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