Sunday, 10 July 2011

Pilates for Cats

Cat Stretch

 Hold in tummy and arch the back upwards, rolling through, pushing back up as far as possible. 

Child Pose Stretch

With arms out in front bring tail down towards the floor.

Rolling like a Ball

Curl up into a nice tight ball shape and allow yourself to roll.
Obi is demonstrating advanced level - rolling forwards on head.

Side Stretch

Lift head and shoulders upwards into a nice sideways stretch.

Side Paw Lift

Lift paw upwards towards the tongue. 
Keep the rest of the body stabilised and still.

Alternatively the rear leg & tail can be raised upwards and downwards.
Remembering to breath slowly and deeply

Swan dive

The arc of your spine grows longer as you press upwards lifting head and shoulders.
It is more important to keep length in the back, with tail down.

Advanced V-Sit

Maintaining a straight spine open the legs wide and reach your front paw fowards.

Total Body Stretch

Allow the whole body to be stretched

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