Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Obi Loves Henry Hoover

Things Obi Loves
  1. Being a cat - a smart one at that
  2. Straws
  3. More straws - especially straws attached to Da Bird
  4. Special chicken, prawns
  5. Lying on male human feet in the morning until it's special chicken feeding time
  6. His humans
  7. Radiators & Curtains
  8. Running super fast after a poo
  9. Winding up his humans
  10. Sleep
Things Obi Hates
  1. Vets
  2. Having his claws trimmed
  3. Shut doors
  4. Smelly litter boxes
  5. Being told off for using the TV as a climbing frame
  6. New humans who fuss him before he has sniffed them
  7. Going in the car (usually on the way to the vets!)
  8. Boxes being hidden away so he can't explore them
  9. Toilet rolls - they must be shredded they are an offence to cat kind!
  10. Round door handles so that he can't break through

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