Saturday, 26 February 2011

Half Term Week

A very busy productive week at work as it's been half term.  This means that I see lots of little people and it's really busy.

So for relaxation I made a cake.  Well actually 2 cakes as the recipe called for a 2lb loaf tin and I only had 2 smaller ones.  The first loaf did not last long.  Warm cake is especially yummy.

This is Bara Brith.  Basically a fruit tea loaf.  the fruit is soaked in strong tea overnight so it's lovely and moist.  The secret ingredient is Orange marmalade.

Having done lots of work I deserved a treat.  So today I took myself to the beautiful bohemian town of Totnes and a lovely jewellery shop called Stoned.

This is my latest acquisition. 

Isn't she shiny and beautiful.

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