Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Obi Has Calculus

How embarrassing. Tonight I took Obi for his vaccination boosters and annual MOT. The dentist's cat has dental calculus *blush*

So I have decided that he is going to be the first Bengal trained to use an electric toothbrush. Stage one of training started tonight and he was already a good pupil.

Step 1 - He likes the Logic sample the vet gave us. This is a paste you can give to cats that has enzymes and grit in it to clean their teeth.

Step 2 - Logic on a brush. Now Obi likes to gum things. It's part of his greeting so something tasty on a toothbrush was no problem. He was chewing that brush like a pro.

For now we will practice Step 2 for a week or two before moving on to Step 3 (motorised brush!)

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