Sunday, 1 November 2009

Stress Heads

It's just not funny when...

  1. Just before the clocks go back one dark wet morning you drive out of your driveway backwards and hear a loud explosive bang. You then realise you have driven into someone driving out the the end of your street. Your car is smashed. Their car is OK (luckily) although it was hard to tell as his car was so dented and scratched anyway.
  2. Your beautiful cat nearly becomes homeless when he decides that your big Superking sized bed makes a lovely litter box. My 'other half' is going nuts. £80 vet visit later and he is mostly suffering from stress (cat that is not 'other half'). He is now on cat equivalent of Ritalin, Bachs Rescue Remedy, antibiotics (just in case) and a modified diet. I think I need some of this too.
  3. You upload a new video on YouTube. 14 minutes in to a 15 minute upload and YouTube goes down for maintenance.
This week I will mostly be trying to...

  1. Get the car fixed.
  2. Read 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' by Stieg Larsson. I've really enjoyed 115 pages so far.
  3. I have bough a Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine. I will be making toasties al la cheese, toasties al la Banana, toasted mushrooms, toasted spuds and trying to find anything else to toast before I find a cupboard that the machine will live out the rest of it's years in like every other 'useful' kitchen gadget. That reminds me I sooo need a bread maker.
  4. Spending money I haven't got.
  5. We are getting super fast broadband installed so knowing my luck Windows Vista will hate it and refuse to go online!

Finally got the video to work. Here he is; Obi playing with his WigWam scratch tent thingy. I'm sure he thinks he is fully hidden by some magical cat scratch tardis tentness, fully camouflaged from Mr Mouse. He spends ages with just his head in the tent wiggling his bum in full readiness to leap out and pounce. My arm gets tired holding up the stick to wiggle Mr Mouse. I get bored long before Obi does.

"Does My bum look Big in This!!"

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