Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Today we will mostly be doing...erm...nothing.

At 8:35am I was awoken by a small Bengal paw scratching at my left leg under the duvet. The long sausage of furry sneakiness usually gets breakfast at 7am so he did well waiting today. His tactic is to stand next to the bed and push one paw under the duvet towards me until he reaches his soft delicate target. Aran also tells me that he had been standing on him for some time in a desperate attempt to wake him to wake me. Now Obi should know that will never work as Aran could sleep through an earthquake.

This is the Obster with another of his favourite toys - drinks straws. Taken on my iphone from bed.
Today I will also be resisting the temptation to cut any more off my fringe. Note to self - home hair cuts do NOT work. My fringe looks about as straight as the neighbours attempts yesterday at trimming the tops of the Leylandi between our houses (from up a ladder on a bit of a slope).
I've just watched one of my favourite Bengal kitten videos again! I love the synchronised washing this team of kittens are performing at the start, the stampeded and the commentary.

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