Saturday, 12 September 2009

My Childhood TV Inspiration

TV has a lot to answer for!
Bagpuss mice...

I believe most things can be fixed with the right determination. If a mouse can fix anyone can (even if it just involves a hammer!). Bagpuss that saggy old sagpuss was just beautiful and real!

Chorlton and the Wheelies
Chorlton and the Wheelies started the year I was born (1976). So from an early age I wanted my own wheels. I started by going to the local tip with my dad and finding pram wheels, which became go-karts. I had the fastest go-kart on our hilly road. I still have the fastest wheels on our street (driving our Honda S2000)

Secretly my favourite character was the evil Welsh kettle witch Fenella.

Willow the Wisp

I was five and fairies could be frumpy and grumpy just like me. Obi is lucky that he did not get named Carwash.
Children would just not understand this now. It was so simple. Cardboard cutout sets and a mouse made of paper.

Also Treasured..
Heart Beat - I learnt a lot of cool techniques from a children's program which helped me in GCSE art as a teenager.
The Flumps and The Wombles
Jamie and the Magic Torch
I'm sure there are lots more I will think of later.
Yikes I forgot The Muppets! How could anyone forget the Muppets

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