Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fantasy Life Nintendo 3DS Passwords

These are the EU Game passwords I've found so far.  I will add more as I find them.  They are case and character/symbol sensitive.

Got to the post office and talk to the clerk on the right hand side counter
  • Seasick sailors - gives you a natty sailor's outfit to wear
  • At your service - butler's outfit
  • Jack-o'-Lantern - pumpkin outfit
  • Trick or treat? - vampire bed, spooky wall, pumpkin lamp & scarecrow, Lunares decoration
  • Angelic chorus - angelic halo,tunic, pantaloons, bangles, shoes & wings
  • Reveria - honey pudding yum yum
  • Abracadabra - neat mystery outfit

  • Toil and trouble - witch's hat
  • Dragon tamer - dragon whelp suit

Fantasy Life Nintendo 3DS

Well I've just started playing the incredible and totally addictive Fantasy Life on the Nintendo 3DS.

After spending ages creating a character (there are plenty of options and I was tempted to be a bearded lady for a while) you fall out of bed in the town of Castele to begin your adventure.

You go to the guild to pick a life.  The lives you can choose all have special skills and interests and include:


You can change life during the game (when your not in story mode).  At first I was going to be the best Woodcutter in all of the land...

...but found as I progressed I wanted better tools and didn't want to spend my hard earned Dosh (yes the money is called Dosh in game) buying them.

So with a bit of switching I became a miner, gathered copper, then became a blacksmith to craft a nice axe.  Now I'm working on my Carpenter skills so I can get wood planks more efficiently.

Once you have mastered one skill you can use it in your other lives.

The game has lovely graphics/art, cute music you find yourself humming the next day at work and a good sense of humour.  I even noticed a reference to the magical number of 42 during training!

I currently live above Pam's Estate Agents.  I like Pam she is a nice lady who gives you sweets and looks after you like your favourite Auntie.

At the Post Office there is a counter in which you can say a password to get cool stuff.
I will keep this blog updated with any passwords I find.
The game seems to have mixed review online, it is perhaps a little slow but life can be slow, it takes time to masters skills in a new job, get Dosh, buy a better house.  I personally love the pace and find it relaxing.  It certainly entertains me while my other half shoots things in the recent Borderlands release!
Here is a link to Nintendo's official Fantasy Life page:
Anyway as Pam says "Sleep well, my dear" and have a great Fantasy Life!


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lego Star Wars AT-AT 75054

My Lego room has reached a fully Lego laden state but I still make the mistake of looking in my favourite toy shop/Lego stockist and coming home with two Lego sets (the new 2014 Lego AT-AT and Rancor Pit - which is allowed because it fits under Jabba's Palace!).

I was envious of collectors who have an original AT-AT and at £109 it seemed a reasonable price.  Lego seem to have an ability to limit certain sets and my fear is this set will sell out fast and then be hard to get.  It's already selling at twice the retail on Amazon and ebay.  So despite having no room Mr AT-AT came home with me.

Firstly here is the box

It gives the dimensions of Mr AT-AT as 34cm height 34cm wide.  The box itself is 38x48x7cm so the AT-AT is about as tall and wide as the box.

Inside the box are two instruction books and eight bags of parts plus a really cool double sided poster. 

It is quite a complex build with lots of fiddly 'technic' type pieces to support and allow movement of its component parts.  Be prepared for sore fingers!  The first part built is the internal body anatomy and the neck.  It really doesn't look like anything much at this stage.  The legs are next to be built and I built all four at the same time simultaneously rather than building one then starting over with the instructions again.  The final part is the external body 'skin' and his head. 

Here he is completed:

There are two spring loaded bricks which hold the 'shooters' under the head.

The main body and top of the head opens.  The minifigures sit inside. The legs can be bent simultaneously but it doesn't stand stable enough to lift one leg.

There are five minifigures with this set:

I'm not convinced about the Snow Troopers 'skirts' they look a bit funny to me, especially from behind, but I guess it's hard to replicate the uniform.  Maybe if they were plastic as opposed to fabric but perhaps it's harder to bend or manufacture.

I'm kind of hoping having a Lego AT-AT doesn't create problems with my cat.